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Smile & Function Orthodontics was formerly Squires Orthodontics. the name has changed, but the people and expertise remain the same.

We’re a boutique specialist orthodontic practice. All our orthodontic services are provided exclusively by Dr Geoffrey Squires, specialist orthodontist. Geoff has been an Air Force dental officer for all of his professional career so we love everything to do with aviation. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We get much joy from helping you develop your best smile. Welcome to our smile and function practice.

From the initial consult, every single appointment of your treatment will be with Geoff. This gives you a continuity of orthodontic care that is increasingly rare these days. It’s important to us you feel seen, heard and understood at all stages of the orthodontic journey. Better outcomes are achieved with good working partnerships. We want the best smile and function outcome for you.

  • You can get ‘teeth straightening’ almost anywhere now, even online. However a great smile is far more than just straight teeth. It’s also about being able to smile, chew, swallow and talk effortlessly. For this to happen and for teeth to remain straight over a lifetime, the muscles of the face, jaw joints and bite must also be balanced and well positioned.

  • Fussy eaters, difficulties with eating certain foods like meat, mouth breathing, teeth grinding, jaw joint pain and sounds, headaches, neck tension, tooth wear, orthodontic relapse and more, are all signs and symptoms of an unbalanced mouth and face. We offer a different approach geared to provide you a better smile, and improved function and stability throughout life.

  • Our philosophical approach involves first getting the face and jaw foundations correctly positioned and balanced. We then make sure the teeth bite together nicely and comfortably when we straighten them. This coordinated approach to your orthodontic treatment is designed to deliver you an optimal functional smile result we trust you’ll love!

  • Often the orthodontic journey will involve working with other health professionals to better resolve any underlying causes of facial problems. We work with a range of providers including oral and maxillofacial and plastic and cosmetic surgeons, respiratory, allergy, sleep medicine, speech pathology and psychology specialists we consult with from time to time for synergistic team care for you.

  • Geoff has completed a post-graduate Masters degree in orthodontics, following his dental surgery degree, to be an AHPRA-registered specialist in orthodontics in Australia. Geoff has continued to train over the course of his career in advanced techniques and philosophies relating to orthodontics and facial development and function. The Roth-Williams philosophy of jaw joint position correction and balance is now firmly centred in Geoff’s orthodontic approach to each and every patient case.

  • Geoff is the first specialist orthodontist in Australia to be certified in the Roth-Williams orthodontic philosophy. It’s a truly holistic approach to achieving optimal smile design and mouth function over life.

Please explore our smile gallery for snapshots of some of our happy patients we’ve successfully treated via our orthodontic program.

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Meet your smile & function orthodontics pilot.


Dr Geoffrey Squires

Specialist orthodontist

Geoff is a Sydney born and bred local and lifetime Balmain Tigers supporter. He has a wonderful family with three terrific kids and loves to snorkel with them in his spare time. Geoff is a huge aviation and car enthusiast and continues to serve as a senior officer with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Geoff completed his undergraduate dentistry and postgraduate specialist orthodontics training at Sydney University. He then completed the 2-year Advanced Education in Orthodontics (AEO) Group course in Goal Directed Orthodontic Philosophy (GDOP) at the University of Detroit, Mercy School of Dentistry, USA.

Geoff has been awarded fellowship in the prestigious International College of Dentists and the Pierre Fauchard Academy in recognition of his leadership in the dental profession. He is an international speaker on orthodontics.

Geoff is the owner of Smile & Function Orthodontics.


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