Your orthodontic treatment is an individually customised journey.

We work with you through 5 important & distinctly tailored stages to achieve a smile & function result we trust you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.



Smile & Function initial consult graphic

Initial consult & habit management.

Let’s get to know each other!

Complete orthodontic treatment usually takes a few years. We need to work well together for you to get a finished result we’re both happy with. This stage is completed in the first visit or two.

Management of any speech, airway, digit sucking or tongue posture issues via referral to health practitioners is undertaken prior to us getting started together. We may monitor development for up to a few years.


Smile & Function facial analysis graphic

Jaw & facial analysis & treatment planning.

Now we coordinate the details of your orthodontic flight plan path!

Extensive clinical and radiographic records are taken, measurements and diagnosis made so an effective treatment plan can be determined for smile and function success. This stage generally takes a couple of visits and 2-4 weeks.


Smile & Function splint therapy graphic

Splint & appliance therapy.

Treatment take-off!

A removable splint made and worn to guide the jaw joints and muscles into the best balanced position for function and facial appearance may be required before teeth and bite alignment can begin. This stage can take 12-18 months.


Smile & function orthodontics tooth bracket graphic

Teeth & bite alignment with braces.

Let’s get moving to your straight teeth destination!

Fixed braces are placed, worn and adjusted as teeth are progressively moved into the planned and best positions in the jaws for bite, gum health and smile aesthetics. This stage generally takes 24-30 months to complete.


Smile & Function retention smile graphic

Active retention & follow-up care.

Your aesthetic and functional smile has landed!

Treatment goals have been met. Braces are removed, retainers are placed and follow-up care commenced. This stage takes a couple of visits over a few weeks with more periodic reviews in the year ahead. Annual reviews for several years are then recommended.