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Smile design & jaw function.

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A great smile is so much more than just straight teeth.

For best results, the alignment of the whole mouth needs to be carefully balanced: teeth; jaws; joints; and muscles of the face, to provide a long-lasting functional, symmetrical and stable smile.

Just like an aircraft requires careful, systematic assembly and fine tuning of many different parts to remain aerodynamic and safe over many years of flying.

It’s important to get your orthodontics completed optimally to reduce your risk of future relapse.

Our mission is for you to go further in life with your best smile.


Specialist orthodontic care for children and adults in Gladesville, Forster NSW and Burnie TAS Australia.

Jawsmile Specialist Orthodontics patient centred care

patient centred care

You are our top priority! We delight in helping you achieve your best smile for life.

A great smile includes a functional and balanced bite with free-moving and painless jaw joints. The ability to chew, swallow and speak easily, as well as beautifully aligned teeth is at the heart of each and every orthodontic patient’s success.

Dr Geoffrey Squires Orthodontist

dr Geoffrey squires

BDS USyd MDSc(Ortho) USyd FICD

Specialist Orthodontist

Geoff has trained extensively in Australia and overseas across a 30+ year career to provide an holistic approach to orthodontics, predictable long-lasting results and his best possible care.

Jawsmile Specialist Orthodontics professional training

professional training

Geoff is the first certified provider of the Roth-Williams functional Goal Directed Orthodontics (GDO) philosophy system in Australia.

Geoff now offers online and face-to-face specialist orthodontic case guidance, mentorship and training in this progressive orthodontic diagnostic and treatment method.


“Orthodontic success is the ability to smile, chew, swallow & talk effortlessly.”

Dr Geoffrey squires  |  Specialist orthodontist


It’s always a good time to create the smile of your lifetime.

no referral necessary

All treatment completed exclusively by dr geoffrey squires

Smile & Function Orthodontics Children

childrens orthodontics

The opportunity to harness growth in children can minimise time in braces and help develop their full growth potential for best smile results and bright futures ahead.

Smile & Function Orthodontics Adults

adult orthodontics

Adult treatment can help improve the signs and symptoms of jaw joint problems (TMD), create a stable bite and straighten teeth for everyday lifestyle pleasure.

Smile & Function Orthodontics

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